Thursday, April 16, 2015

The FHG's Operating System Bias

The FHG has a strong operating system bias.  The FHG believes that the best operating systems are "Unix-style".  If you prefer OSX, Linux, or one of the BSD's, the FHG thinks that is a good thing.

However if you run Windows, the FHG would recommend not doing so if you can.  Windows is.... not as anything Unix-y.  Sure it's better than it was, but still, if you can run something Unix-y, you should.

You are probably thinking:

"But FHG, Mac's are expensive and I've heard Linux is hard to use and all the big games are for Windows"

The FHG hears you and understands.  But you CAN buy inexpensive Mac's like the Mac-mini for only $499.

And there are easy to use Linux distributions.  I currently recommend the Xubuntu XFCE-based variant of Ubuntu to Windows users simply because the Ubuntu forums are extremely newbie friendly:

If you're a Windows Power User, you probably could get by with Fedora, though you will be updating versions more frequently. I recommend the XFCE-based spins with Fedora:

As for games, the FHG recommends doing your gaming on consoles, you'll have a better experience with less hassle most of the time, though you will miss out on PC exclusive games like World of Warcraft.

If you were to buy a console, the FHG currently recommends the BSD-based Playstation 4:

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